At Greenwood School, every aspect of the school day and the weekend is planned to optimize learning, taking into consideration the needs of students with attention deficit, executive function, and other learning disabilities.

The school day is structured so that students have language tutorials, writing and content classes in the morning and attend creative, athletic, and social pragmatics classes after lunch. The boys have afternoon and evening study hall periods Monday through Thursday, as well as an evening study hall on Sunday.

The class day is carefully designed to ensure that students remain interested and attentive. Weekends are similarly planned so that activities are fun and designed to build community, cooperation, and respect.

Day students are welcome to arrive early for breakfast or stay late for supper and/or study hall. Day students are also welcome to leave at 3:45 on Wednesdays and Fridays when students have free time in the late afternoons. Day students are invited to spend weekends on campus.

The Greenwood School Campus

The Greenwood School is located in southeastern Vermont in the rural township of Putney, overlooking the Connecticut River Valley and the mountains of nearby New Hampshire.

Fly Fishing at Watt Pond
Fly Fishing at Watt Pond

The school owns 100 acres of rolling fields and woodland, including a two-acre pond, and is surrounded by several hundred acres of privately owned forest.  Through the generosity of parents and friends, many new buildings and spaces have been constructed, including:

  • Cottage-style dorm expansion
  • Art/Science wing
  • Faculty residences
  • Dining hall
  • Expanded woodshop and pottery studio
  • Full-sized gymnasium, including indoor skate park and rock climbing wall

The Greenwood Community

Students and Faculty
Students and Faculty

Parenting is important for all children, and especially our younger boys.  We do our best to make Greenwood a home away from home for students of all ages.  Although our program is structured and maintains definite behavioral expectations, the atmosphere here is relaxed and friendly.

Students are supported in taking responsibility for harmonious interpersonal relationships.  We nurture a sense of partnership in the school family.  For example, students and faculty are on a first name basis, one small way in which we help engender familial feelings and relaxed communication.

Weekends and Recreation

Weekends at Greenwood include both structured activities and free time where boys can socialize, be outside, or just enjoy some quiet time.  We make sure that boys have a choice of activities, including enriching off-campus trips such as skiing and snowboarding at Mount Snow or going to a movie in a local theater.

Hiking Trip, Mt. Jefferson (NH)
Hiking Trip, Mt. Jefferson (NH)

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To learn more about Student Life at The Greenwood School, please browse the pages in this section, and the rest of the site.  If you would like more information about how Greenwood School can help your child, please contact us.